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5A Blog Post: Bannack Best – Creative

This is my conceptual shot. It was really fun to do. The lighting for this shot was an Einstein bulb and a beauty dish. Obviously a lot of this shot was done in post. And I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to Gerardo on this one. He gave me some great ideas on how to get what I was looking for. I had originally made the fog happen by doing a clone stamp of the clouds, but Gerardo showed me how to make a custom brush and helped me get that fog look I was looking for. I then used a series of layer masks like Curve, selective color, and black and white, to achieve the look that I was looking for. I then added a candle flame and sun flare into the lantern to give it the appearance of being lit up.

This is my commercial shot. I’m going with a guitar ad for this shot. I feel that Gerald’s hands were that kind of rough that really sold to a more rural demographic. There wasn’t any auxiliary lighting used for this shot, because I was already in the shade of a building that helped to kill a lot of the harsh sunlight. I used a curve mask, a black and white mask, and a selective color mask to help get that sort of “sunset on the back porch” kind of look that I was wanting.

This is my Abstract. This was a globe that I saw in the Masonic temple. I thought it was cool and when I was looking at the original image on my computer I thought it would be cool if it looked like it was in space. So, I found a picture of a firework fountain that I thought looked cool since it had the sort of bright blips of light that I like. It gives it a sort of unknown area of the universe sort of look to it.

This is my levitation shot. I didn’t really know what I wanted for this shot, but luckily Alex knew the perfect spot to go so that we could get an epic shot! Below you can see the unedited images that I used to make this picture happen. I decided to make Brianne transparent so as to give more of a supernatural feel to the shot. After that I used a curve mask, black and white mask, and tweaked the levels and gammas a bit from the exposure section.

This is my ghost shot. I had a really hard time getting one that I liked, but this one turned out the best. I used a 2.5 second exposure and a tripod to get this shot. It was hard though because the lighting was really bright, so I had to use f22 for my aperture. After that, all I had to do in post was add a curve mask, black and white mask, and a selective color mask to get that blue kind of look.


2 thoughts on “5A Blog Post: Bannack Best – Creative”

  1. Sam, your pictures are absolutely amazing! I especially like the one you took of the girl with the lantern. I would have never thought to add a light source to it in photoshop, it was a great idea.


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